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La palude del biscottino
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The Biscottino Marshlands

Discover this marvellous nature reserve at Collesalvetti

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Costa degli Etruschi
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In the plains near Collesalvetti are a number of protected areas, including the Biscottino marshlands. Named for the particular form of the reclaimed land (biscottino, or little biscuit), which extends for about 20 hectares between Coltano, Stagno and Guasticce. Though the area is artificial in origin, it has the same characteristics as the land around Pisa and Livorno. Local plants include reeds, tamarisk, elms and willow trees. It is an ideal habitat for a number of reptiles and amphibians like water turtles, newts and green frogs as well as for birds like the endangered red heron and marsh hawks.


A wonderful natural environment surrounded by hills, woods and Mediterranean greenery
Apart from the main town of Collesalvetti–originally an ancient Roman settlement, then a medieval fief and a busy agricultural village–there are numerous villages with historical monuments in this area that are of Etruscan-Roman origin. There are also still traces of prehistoric times. ...