Campagna di Poppi

The Bigoncio Workshop

Hands-on activities that bring an ancient tradition to life

The Bigoncio Workshop was set up by Pro Loco in Moggiona in order to celebrate the traditional work of the ‘bigonaio’, the craftsmen who used to make the wooden containers used to hold grapes during the harvest. This artisan craft has a long history and is strongly linked to local woodland life.The Bigoncio Workshop demonstrates how these craftsmen used to work and what tools they traditionally used. This museum is an important testimony to a craft which has almost completely died out. Visitors can learn about how the wood for these containers was chosen and gathered, and then how it was transformed and sold. There is also a photographic section documenting the craft. Demonstrations and educational activities are available on request. The Bigoncio Workshop is not only a museum, but also a way of keeping this ancient traditional craft alive.

Entry fee
Free. Small fee for additional educational activities

Contact information

Poppi (Arezzo)
Telephone 334.3050985; 0575.507272-77 (Comunità Montana del Casentino)

Within the walls, there is a lot of ancient history to experience
The ancient medieval village of Poppi is one of the best-preserved examples of “walled city”, surmounted by the majestic castle of the Guidi Counts: also in excellent condition even today. In the XII century the name of Poppi started to appear in documents. ...