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"Fra Angelico" Museum of Sacred Art

There is a collection of works in Vicchio coming from the churches around the Mugello

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The "Fra Angelico" Museum of Sacred Art in Vicchio is dedicated to the great painter born in Rupecanina, a neighbourhood in the municipality of Vicchi, and was created to house the works from the area and enhance both their artistic aspect and their close relationship with the local culture. The artworks are set up in terms of their historic and religious context, with constant references, through educational panels and rooms, to places and moments of religious culture in the area.

The artworks come from the churches in the Mugello which were abandoned following the rapid reduction in inhabitants of the countryside. Among the outstanding pieces there are the 13th-century holy water font from the church of San Niccolò in Rossoio, the Madonna and Child with Angels by the Master of the Straus Madonna (late 14th century) coming from the Parish Church in San Cresci in Valcava, the polyptych with the Madonna who is giving a girdle to St. Thomas by the Master of Montefoscoli (first half of 15th century), the Madonna Assunta by Cosimo Roselli (15 century) from the Church of Santa Maria in Vigesimo and the Annunciation by Francesco Furini (17th century) from the Parish Church of Santa Felicita in Faltona.

Among the numerous liturgical furnishings there is the great monstrance by Massimiliano Soldano Benzi (dated 1700) from the parish of di Fagna.

Info: comune.vicchio.fi.it

Vicchio is remembered by the inhabitants of the area for being one of the strongholds of the partisan resistance during the Second World War
The area of Vicchio has been populated since ancient times, but the beginning of the town’s events is ascribable to the end of the XIII century, when Florence started creating the so-called “new lands” in Mugello in order to take control of these areas and put an end to the feudal power of the Ubaldini family. ...