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La Bestia di Bizhan Bassiri - Provincia di Prato

The Beast by Bizhan Bassiri

Ultradynamic art work which conserves antique roots

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Made of bronze, on a travertine base, and measuring 100cm x 100cm x 50cm, The Beast by Bizhan Bassiri is displayed at the side of the museum of contemporary art in Prato.

"Inside a mythological, cybernetic space, like that conceived by Bassiri, where heroes, monsters and myths make themselves newly arrangeable within both new and antique materials, one understands how this Beast sniffs a primitive air or, if preferable, an air of final catastrophe. The morphology draws from the ancients the conception and posture as well as the material and method of realization; but the final appearance of the work seems to have more in common with the numerical figures of De Dominicis than with Etruscan monsters. Its modelling is ultradynamic, like a prototype for Formula 1, but the roots of its form are antique."

In the heart of Tuscany, a city of art and prestige
If there is one city that can impress those looking for lesser-known destinations, it’s Prato. Considering how the city is presented in the press, visitors will be surprised to discover an elegant and well-preserved historic city centre, as impressive as the most famous Medieval cities dotting Tuscany. ...