View of Populonia
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The beach of Baratti

Near the Etruscan city famous for working and trading in iron

Inside the medieval walls that were built to defend from the pirate attacks, and beyond a fortress dating back to the beginning of the XV century, there are paved streets, little shops and a private museum of Etruscan and Roman artifacts found in the surrounding area and the sea. A panoramic road offering wonderful views connects Populonia with the Gulf of Baratti, where you can find numerous reminders of Etruscan times. The 80-hectare archaeological park, which can be visited along organised routes, combines history and archaeology in a beautiful, unspoilt natural setting.

The San Cerbone monumental necropolis, the only one built near the sea, the remains of metalworking sites, the Cave necropolis and ancient stone quarries are all of great interest.

Baratti Beach
Baratti Beach - Credit: mompl
A charming village surrounded by the sea
The Etruscan town of Populonia was one of the most important centers of the ancient world for processing and trade of iron. Sitting atop a hill surrounded by the sea, this village has a charm. The medieval walls, constructed to defend the city from pirates, was built in the first-half of the fifteenth century. ...