Bardini Gardens

A natural paradise surrounding the villa

Costa San Giorgio
The Bardini Garden, located alongside the villa of the same name, is characterized by three fundamental elements: a Baroque staircase, an English forest and an agricultural park. Its Baroque staircase, located in the central part of the garden, leads up to the splendid ‘Belvedere’ vantage point that overlooks the city of Florence. Elegant and sober, the Staircase Garden is made up of terraced landscape located along a steep slope. This area hosts various medicinal and ornamental plants such as rosemary, lavender, German irises and Bengali roses. The terraces also host century-old olive trees and other fruit trees. Iris abound recalling ancient Tuscan manufacturing traditions where irises were used for their perfume. Further down, along a winding avenue, you’ll find a lush English forest hosting native trees such as the holm oak, cypress, laurel, holly and more.

The villa is surrounded by a vast field which includes lilac bushes, Baksian roses and many exotic plants that give the garden an eighteenth century feel. On its eastern side, the villa’s garden also hosts an agricultural park; the vocation of local farmlands remained unaltered from the Middle Ages to the XX century. In the 1930s, the area was cultivated with olive trees, hosting also many exemplary species of oak. Azaleas grow alongside the long avenue that crosses the agricultural park and recently, park managers have created a ‘miniature’ fruit grove according to sixteenth century traditions. Visitors will also enjoy its wisteria tunnel and its lovely, blooming hydrangea.
Contact (ITA): bardinipeyron.it
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