Castello di Bagnone

The Bagnone Castle

See the cylindrical stone tower


Dominated by an imposing cylindrical stone tower, the Castello di Bagnone is fortified with a number of defensive architectural elements. The tower is the only remaining feature of the castle, which has almost completely disappeared today and which has, in part, been incorporated into the minor buildings of the villa of the Ruschi-Noceti counts.

However, the medieval structure of the early village, which was built on descending semi-circular levels is still perfectly preserved. The Church of San Nicola is at the summit and conserves a 13th century wood pulpit.

Lovely vacation town and center for important seasonal fairs
Bagnone lies in the upper portion of the mountainous Lunigiana Region. First a castle and its lands, Bagnone then became a vicariate of Florence in the 15th century. The town’s economy was primarily based on chestnut and sheep farming. Bagnone is an exciting tourist destination thanks in particular to its weekly market and large seasonal fairs. ...