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Archeological Museum in Scansano

Narrating the story of this area from Prehistory to the Roman age

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Piazza del Pretorio, 3

The Archeological Museum in Scansano is found in the old 15th-century Palazzo Pretorio. Refurbished in 1998, it documents the history of human life in the Valle dell’Albegna, taking visitors on a journey from prehistoric times to the Etruscan and Roman periods, with sources provided by archaeological research carried out over the last 30 years.

There are artefacts dating back to the Hellenistic period (pottery, a series of bronze statues and ceramics linked to fertility rituals), discovered in the centre of Ghiaccio Forte, founded in the 4th century BCE, near the border of Vulci, on the right side of the Albegna. The area, popular during the Bronze Age, was occupied by a sanctuary which was destroyed in the Roman era when the Latin civilization conquered and devastated the area in 280 BCE.

The programme continues with the Roman age, with reconstructions and images of the Roman villa that stood near the Aia Nova farm, a stately home decorated with murals and elaborate opus signinum floors, which can be seen in the museum.

Info: museidimaremma.it

The town of Morellino looks onto the beauty of the Maremma landscape
Scansano is located in the hilly Maremma inland along a strip of land between the coast and the slopes of Mount Amiata, boasting vast and varied panoramas. It dates back to the Etruscans and the Romans as evidenced by the archeological site in Ghiaccioforte. It was dominated by the Aldobrandeschi family, who built a castle in the village that was later used as a convent. ...