The Archeological Museum of the high Mugello valley

Exploring human evolution from prehistoric to medieval times

Piazza Ettore Alpi, 1

Palazzuolo sul Senio hosts an interesting museum which is located on the second floor of Palazzo dei Capitani, built in 1385. It was restored in the seventeenth century and currently holds some of the area’s most ancient remains which bear witness to the development of human communities in the territories linked to the high valleys of Lamone, Senio and Santerno, from pre-historic times to the medieval period. The artifacts were chosen for the museum by Tuscany’s Archeological Superintendent’s Office and the Archeological Group of the Alto Mugello. Many of the remains come from the Nevale, near Palazzuolo.

The museum’s pre-historical remains are arranged according to a narrative context which illustrates the most important phases of human evolution from a cultural and somatic point of view. There are numerous remains that testify to the existence of pre-Roman and Roman settlements. Visitors will also enjoy artifacts linked to various castles whose history determined the territory’s identity during the XIV and XVII centuries.


Palazzuolo sul Senio
Palazzuolo is a council of the High Mugello
From the XII century the Ubaldini family were the lords of Palazzuolo, taking advantage of the position of the town and rendering it a district market, or rather a centre of commerce and trade. In the XIV century this centre was ceded to Florence; afterwards it became a vicariate and then, under the Medicis it became, together with Marradi, the seat of a captaincy. ...