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Archeological Museum of the Upper Mugello

In Palazzuolo sul Senio, an itinerary for discovering the history of the territory

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Piazza Ettore Alpi, 1

The Archeological Museum of the Upper Mugello in Palazzuolo sul Senio is housed on the second floor of Palazzo dei Capitani, built in 1385 and renovated in the 1600s, founded to hold some of the oldest artefacts attesting to the presence of man in the upper valleys of Lamone, Senio and Santerno from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.

The materials come from archeological digs in the territory, particularly from the settlement in the village of Nevale, outside the residential centre of Palazzuolo. The prehistoric artefacts are displayed in a storytelling manner, which illustrates the most important moments in the evolution of man from both a physical and cultural point of view.

There are many objects from pre-Roman and Roman settlements, as well as pieces coming from the many castles that, between the 14th and 17th centuries, determined the fate of the territory.

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Palazzuolo sul Senio
Palazzuolo is a council of the High Mugello
From the XII century the Ubaldini family were the lords of Palazzuolo, taking advantage of the position of the town and rendering it a district market, or rather a centre of commerce and trade. In the XIV century this centre was ceded to Florence; afterwards it became a vicariate and then, under the Medicis it became, together with Marradi, the seat of a captaincy. ...