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Archeological Museum in Massa Marittima

Etruscan artifacts treasured in a thirteenth century palace

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Massa Marittima
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 2 Massa Marittima
The Archeological Museum of Massa Marittima showcases finds from digs that were carried out in the Ascesa Lake’s Etruscan settlement. This venue was created thanks to the expansion of Massa Marittima’s Civic Museum, founded in 1867, which was moved to its present location—in the thirteenth century Palazzo del Podestà—in 1978. The museum was rearranged in 1985 and 1992 in efforts to spotlight its special commitment to the field of archeology and it is currently linked to the Etruscan Archeological Park of the Accesa Lake.
Palazzo del Podestà
Palazzo del Podestà - Credit: dvdbramhall

Thanks to archeological research carried out during the twentieth century, the museum’s collections were significantly enhanced. The majority of these finds were the result of digs carried out inside the Accesa Etruscan territory (VI century) and included the excavation of houses and tombs. The exhibit spotlights a stele statue from the Neolithic period (III millennium BC) found in the Vada all’Arancio area as well as a cast fossil of Orcopithecus bambalii. Inside the museum, visitors will find two life-size grottos, which simulate a home and tomb; these installations occupy two rooms of the museum.

Info: massamarittimamusei.it/museo

Massa Marittima
Nestled on a high and isolated hill, Massa Marittima’s beautiful historic city center is enclosed and protected by the well-preserved city walls, representing one of the most important urbanistic-architectural complexes in all of Tuscany. ...