Museo archeologico di Peccioli

The Archaeological Museum in Peccioli

Discover Etruscan archaeological finds unearthed at Ortaglia

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The Archaeological Museum in Peccioli is housed in the basement of Palazzo Fondi Rustici, one of the most important historical buildings in the old town centre. The palazzo belongs to the Società Agricola Fondi Rustici who bought it from the Fondazione Gerolamo Gaslini of Genova. The Fondazione Gerolamo Gaslini had owned the building since 1622 and before that it was part of the Santa Chiara hospital in Pisa.
The museum was opened in 2004 and was its collections were enlarged in 2007. It is home to many items which were unearthed during archaeological digs organised by Peccioli town council in collaboration with the University of Ferrara and directed by Prof. Stefano Bruni. The digs were carried out in the Etruscan archaeological site in Oreglia which is just a few kilometres outside Peccioli.
Archaeologists uncovered many fascinating items on this archaeological site in Ortaglia, such as a well in which were found several votive and ex-voto objects and part of a construction which, considering its size and decorations, seems to have been a temple. The fact that many items relating to women’s work have been unearthed on the site, such as materials relating to sewing and making textiles, indicates that this temple may have been dedicated to a female deity. Most of the items found here are fragmented as it is thought that this structure collapsed, probably during the fourth century BC, following a fire. The upper part of the well had also slid down, after years of erosion, causing many items to fall around five metres.

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Piazza del Carmine 33, Peccioli (Pisa)
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The Medieval town of Peccioli towers over the Valdera region
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