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Scorci di Campi Bisenzio

The Antonio Manzi Museum in Campi Bisenzio

A collection of artworks by the Avellino-born artist

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Campi Bisenzio
Villa Rucellai, also known as Villa il Pratello, is located in the historic centre of Campi Bisenzio and is a fortified medieval building from the 13th century. One can still view the tower, which has been absorbed by the newer 15th century structure. The tower is one of the few remaining towers built in private residences in the Campi Bisenzio area.The Antonio Manzi museum is located on the ground floor of Villa Rucellai, in the 18th-century wing of the villa. It also boasts a beautiful park that is open to the public.The museum was established thanks to Antonio Manzi, who donated many of his own artworks to the municipality of Campi Bisenzio.

Manzi was born in Montella (Avellino) in 1953 and moved to Tuscany in 1957. In 1975, at 22 years of age, Manzi showcased his artwork for the first time in Campi Bisenzio’s Ariete Art Gallery. Over the years, he strengthened ties to the territory and made many important artworks for the city, among which are: a bronze for the cemetery of the Misericordia, a fresco depicting the “Annunciation” in the Santa Maria church and a statue called “Inno alla vita”, which is located in the garden next to Villa Ruccelai.The artist donated over 100 works to the city. These are all located in the museum’s five exhibition rooms. The museum itinerary takes a chronological approach, leading visitors through Manzi’s early life and work to his later years. It also demonstrates how Manzi was an artist of varied talents.

Opening Hours:
From January 2008: Wednesdays and Sundays, from 10am to 12pm and 4pm to 7pm.

Ticket Price:
Free entrance.

Villa Rucellai - P.zza della Repubblica
Tel.: 05589591
E-mail: info@museoantoniomanzi.it
Campi Bisenzio
Campi has always been attached to its river, the Bisenzio, which weaves its way through the land. Close to the river that began life in the year 1000, the town developed under the protection of the fortress, the first town around the Parish Church of Santo Stefano. ...