Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra - A. Guardi - Piombino

The Andrea Guardi Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

Magnificent marble works of art by this Florentine artist

This museum is housed next to the Sant’Antimo cathedral which was built in 1377 by the Pisan Maestro, Piero del Grillo. It is thought that he was also behind the construction of the capitulary hall in the ancient Sant’Agostino convent. A tour of the museum is designed to complement a visit to the next door cathedral, which is also home to numerous important works of art. A large part of the museum is dedicated to sculptures, with marble and wooden pieces, as well as many liturgical works of art. Many of the works of art on display both in the museum and in the cathedral are by the Florentine artist, Andrea Guardi (1415 – 1420 and post-1478). The museum is open to the public by appointment open. To book a visit, please contact the cathedral of Sant’Antimo.

Entry fee

Disabled access

Contact information
via del Coro 18
Piombino (Livorno)
Telephone 0565 32531


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