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The Anatomy and Palaeopathology Museum in Pisa

This museum documents the history of many different illnesses and diseases through the study of human remains, skeletons and mummies

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The Anatomy and Palaeopathology Museum (Museo di Anatomia e Paleopatologia) in Pisa began life in the nineteenth century as a collection of human anatomical parts which, for varying reasons, were all were of interest in the study of pathologies. The parts were on display in glass jars. Many of the items on display today are of historical as well as pathological interest, such as the rare collection of bladder stones, the collection of malformed stillborn babies, the teratological animal collection, the helminthic parasite collection and the palaeopathological collection. There is also a fascinating collection of antique books (around 6000 volumes) and a collection of anatomical pathological tables.

Entry fee

Disabled access

Contact information
Via Roma 57, Pisa
Telephone 050 992894
E-mail g.fornaciari@med.unipi.it, info@paleopatologia.it

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