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Museum of Veterinary Anatomy in Pisa

Animals embalmed, stuffed and conserved in alcohol in a museum designed for everyone

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The Museum of Veterinary Anatomy in Pisa is located inside the university’s Department of Veterinary Sciences. Great skill goes in to preserving the remains of animals that are embalmed, stuffed and conserved in alcohol, as well as skeletons and preparations made for educational purposes, allowing visitors and scholars to learn about the evolution of certain species.

The museum, founded in the early 1800s, is designed for both experts, who can find in this place the perfect encyclopedia for studying the anatomy of these living beings, and simple enthusiasts and families, who can enjoy a visit and learn tons of fun facts about the animal kingdom.

Museum of Veterinary Anatomy
Museum of Veterinary Anatomy - Credit: Museo Anatomico Veterinario

There are many sections in the museum, with a particular collection dedicated to Arabian camels, which were once found in the San Rossore estate. Amongst the more classic pieces, there are the excellently-preserved skeletons of animals who live in the Mediterranean scrub and a dense collection of skulls, with bones of various species and breeds.

The museum’s many preparations, made for studying veterinary anatomy, include cardio-circulatory, digestive, genital and respiratory systems, as well as limbs, placentas and fetuses. A special display case, highlighted with a different colour than the others, is dedicated to teratological anatomy, which contains embalmed and stuffed animals with deformities.

To make the museum accessible to everyone, a special guide is available, used with QR codes, so visitors can explore the exhibition with modern technology and move independently through the space.

Info: mav.sma.unipi.it

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