Il parco di Agliana
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The Agliana Park

Breathtaking natural landscapes

The Frosini quarry and its terracotta brick oven were re-naturalized in 1989. The quarry was turned into a lake and the humid environment contributes to the vast array of plant and animal life now found in the area. Most of the birds are migratory water birds such as storks, ducks and geese. Large fish like carp, chub and crucian carp. One of the most surprising aspects of the lake are the red-eared turtles which are natives of Florida. The park contains a wide variety of vegetation including helm oaks, poplars, oaks, wills and a tulip tree, an interesting plant found in North America.

The area is not only interesting from a naturalistic point of view, it also offers a rare moment of calm for residents and visitors. During the summer months, a festival called Giugno Aglianese boasts cultural, sporting and folkloristic events for kids and adults alike. Art exhibitions, concerts, theatre and festivals are just part of the fun. Special events for children include shows, blow up play toys and fun park.

A town in the plains between Prato and Pistoia
In the town of Agliana, with 15,000 inhabitants in the province of Pistoia, we can visit the Tower built in 1325 on commission by Castruccio Castracani, while in the surrounding area we can admire the church of St Peter, the Oratory of the Compagnia and the church of St. Michael. ...