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Abbazia di San Martino in campo
Places of worship

The Abbey of San Martino in Campo

Traces of past grandeur

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Capraia e Limite

Elegant and sober, the imposing apsidal structure is situated on the border of a thick forest. As early as 1140, it was referred to as the Vallombrosano Monastery. Evocative decorative elements can be found on the pillars in the cloister, where one can also appreciate the remaining traces of frescoes that once decorated the interior of the church. From the beautiful sandstone portal, created in the XIV century, you can have access to the Abbey. Don’t miss a glimpse of Matteo Frescobaldi’s coat of arms—he was once the monastery’s abbot. In the sacristy, visitors will certainly appreciate an affresco painted by the Florentine school which depicts an ‘Enthroned Madonna’.

Source: APT of Prato

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Capraia and Limite
Two historical and archaeological gems nestled in the foothills of Montalbano
The built-up area of Capraia still resembles a fortified medieval village with its strategic position on a steep knoll, its narrow lanes suitable for driving enemies away and its castle dominating the whole village. Capraia has ancient origins and around 1250 it was stage of numerous fights between Guelphs and Ghibellines. The village of Limite likely got its name from its border position. ...