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Prato della Contessa, Amiata

The Abbey of San Giusto at Pinone

A notable example of a 12th-century religious structure, the Romaneque Abbey of San Giusto is built in pietra arenaria with a transept, three apses and a sturdy bell tower which seems to be of almost military provenence

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The Abbey used to be the site of a small monastic community. The external walls show signs of a long construction phase with influences from the Pistoian and Pratese Romanesque visible in the use of white and green marbles, the biforate windows and the form of the primary entrance. The crypt of the Abbey is accessible from the oustide and has been rebuilt a number of times over the centuries. The Abbey was particularly important during the Middle Ages when a major road of communication passed by it. One of its bells, knows as "La Sperduta" - the Lost One, would guide travellers to the Abbey during the harsh winter season.

Source: Prato APT


In the heart of Tuscany, a city of art and prestige
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