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Mostra archeologica permanente "Testimonianze del Passato"

Testimonies of the Past

Permanent archeological exhibition highlights medieval tombs

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The archeological relics from the area exhibited in a gallery in Palazzo Pera in 1987 were moved to a permanent exhibition in a local archeological group’s headquarters (site of the former SS Annunziata pharmacy) in December 2003. Recent digs in the Vorno area brought to light interesting medieval tombs that were put in the permanent exhibition following their restoration. Other digs were conducted in Frizzone and via Martiri Lunatesi. The exhibition contains objects from prehistoric times, the bronze age, Roman times and the Middle Ages—all highlighted by multimedia presentations. It is possible to arrange visits to the Capannorese Archeological Group’s workshop/deposits.

Year round: Saturdays from 9-12. Mondays and Wednesdays from 21-23, Sunday morning by reservation.
Open for school groups on weekdays by reservation.


Handicap access:

via Piaggiori Basso 8
Segromigno in Monte
Tel: 0583 929299 (exhibition); 0583 428342 (Capannori culture office)
E-mail: gac@interfree.it

Medieval towers and castles alongside refined Renaissance villas
The vast Capannori area, which ranges from the Altopiano delle Pizzorne to the Monti Pisani and occupies most of the Lucca plain, formed by drying up of Lake Bientina, is dotted with medieval towers and castles alongside refined Renaissance villas. ...