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Terme Antica Querciolaia and Garibaldi

Visit the ancient bath used by Garibaldi

Rapolano Terme
In the Terme Antica Querciolaia, in Rapolano Terme, you can track the footsteps of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Head to the pool where, in August 1867, Giuseppe Garibaldi treated his injuries during the historic battle on the Aspromonte. The travertine bathtub he used was recently found during routine maintenance work in the thermal complex. The tank is located under the dressing room where the Risorgimento hero used to change before diving in the warm thermal waters of Rapolano.

In collaboration with the city administration, the exhibition “Summer 1867: Garibaldi in Rapolano Terme and the dream of Rome” at the Antica Terme Quericiaiola is now open to the public. The exhibition is divided into two sections. In the first section is a series of prints from the private collection of the Agricultural Society Poggio Santa Cecilia SpA that have been reconstructed to depict the history of Italian unification. In the second section, the public will be offered the chance to see the baths from Ancient Querciolaia, in addition to visiting the exclusive property of Pietro Leopoldo Buoninsegni, a friend of General Garibaldi.
Rapolano Terme
Artisans , thermal spa and culture mix in this ancient Roman town
The town of Rapolano Terme is located near Siena and is well known for its mix of history, culture and natural resources. Founded by the Romans, the area boasts two ancient thermal baths - Antica Querciolaia and Terme di San Giovanni - both open year round. Rapolano Terme is also known for its travertine, a stone deposited in the fresh waters surrounding the area, first discovered in 1597. ...