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Surf schools in Versilia

The italian capital of surfing is in Tuscany, with schools for all levels

In the 1980s kids in Tuscany started getting interested in surfing, and that's how the first "tribes" of surfers were born. Their beaches were in Versilia, but they had no important role models to teach them about technique so they invented their own style based on experimentation. Thanks to those youngsters, Versilia now has surf shops and surfing schools. Indeed, Versilia is the capital of surfing in Italy, since the high frequency of big waves and the winds of Libeccio and Maestrale practically guarantee constant surfing, perfect for surfers of all levels.

Aloha caffè beach surf school in Lido di Camaiore organizes both individual and group lessons in collaboration with "I Pini" residence, while in Forte dei Marmi there are the Tahataï School (at the Bagno Carlo beach resort) and the Versilia Surf Club. In Marina di Pietrasanta the Nimbus Surfing Club is the first surf school in Italy and not far there's the Surfschool at the Wanda beach resort. The Amelia Surf School is in Viareggio (in the Amelia beach resort) and organizes lesson for children from the age of 6.

Near Forte dei Marmi the town offers a low-key version of the beach holiday
Located in the foothills of the Apuan Alps, this small town dates back to Roman times. After founding Lucca, the Romans created a series of small villages at the foot of Mount Prana. One of these villages is the present day Camaiore, which gets its name from the ancient Campus Major—the large plain that connects Lucca and the gates of Luni. ...