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Sun Garden dedicated to Bruno Saetti

The wishes of an artist become reality

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Bruno Saetti chose Montepiano as his home and workplace. It was here in the Casa del Mulino (Mill House) that he found the ideal environment for his artistic maturation, and more than once he expressed his intention to donate this land to the City of Vernio in the hope that it would become a botanical garden for public use. His idea was to create a quiet, meditative refuge for locals and visitors to the town--a prestigious Alpine health resort.

Saetti's wishes were respected after his death and there is now an enclosed area with a number of benches for a relaxing stop. Saetti's sculpture The Sun is located in the garden which is open to everyone, as would have been wanted by the artist.

Source: Prato APT


famous for the culture and the cuisine
The town of Vernio includes a predominantly mountainous area, rich in water and vegetation, a pleasant summer destination for those seeking relaxation and contact with nature. It is located at the great curve of the river Bisenzio crossed by the Apennine watershed. The first settlements known in the valley of Bisenzio were probably made by the Romans. ...