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Arezzo, Monumento a Guido Monaco

Statue of Giudo Monaco

Guido Monaco was a Benedicine monk and musical theorist

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In piazza Guido Monaco in Arezzo is the famous Giudo Monaco statue, sculpted by Salvino Salvini. Monaco is an important historical figure, not least because he invented modern tetragram music. Monaco was a Benedictine monk who taught music at Pomposa abbey. During choir practice one day, he noticed that the choir members had some difficulty memorising traditional Gregorian chants. He overcame this problem by creating an entirely new musical method known as tetragram. He was forced to flee Ferrara and move to Arezzo due to the envy of the other monks, although he still succeeded in continuing to teach music and singing in the Cathedral. He went on with his studies and in the end, managed to codify modern musical notation and completely revolutionise the rules of music at that time.

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Not everyone knows that Arezzo is an ancient city, older than Alexandria in Egypt! To discover Arezzo you need to have a smattering of understanding about its past. Arezzo was one of the main Etruscan city-states. ...