Siena, il Palio

Siena, The Museum of the Contrada del Drago

A collection of prize banners, costumes and sacred ornaments


The museum is located in the Church of Santa Caterina del Paradiso (17th century) and the attached buildings which were given to the contrada in 1788. Its collection includes past riding habits, antique banners, and prize banners won by the contrada. The church includes 17th century Sienese paintings by Francesco Rustici, Raffaello Vanni and Domenico Manetti and a bust of Saint Catherine by Lorenzo Marrina (1517). The sacristy holds a wood crucifix from the 15th century. Among the prize banners won by the contrada over the years, the banner from 1724 is particularly notable.

Opening hours:
Group visits can be organized by appointment

Free entrance

The museum is partially accessible with an accompanier.

Piazza Matteotti 19
Ph: +39 0577-40575; +39 0577-45712; +39 3402523050

Where not a single stone has changed down the centuries
Siena shines perfectly from a distance in its medieval magnificence. The three hills amid which the city rests rise up like an idyllic film set, the old boundaries soften like the past into a countryside that sometimes still seem like the scene painted by Ambrosia Lorenzetti in the Allegory of Good Government in the halls of Siena's city hall. ...