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Places of worship

Santuario della Madonna di Valdibrana

This small church and its resident icon are like a “little Lourdes” to the people of Pistoia

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Santuario della Madonna di Valdibrana

The sanctuary of the Madonna di Valdibrana is a 17th-century place of worship near Pistoia, erected where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a shepherdess. The apparition occurred to reveal to the girl where an icon was buried among stones and twigs. An array of miracles were attributed to the image that was subsequently found and the sanctuary was erected there in 1650.

The church is home to a canvas depicting the Annunciation and two saints, painted in 1625 by Alessio Gimignani, an artist from Pistoia. The small place of worship underwent many changes, which over time gave it the neoclassical look we see today. Modern-day pilgrims can touch the blessed stone behind the main altar. Valdibrana is just over 4 km from Pistoia.

Contact (ITA): diocesipistoia.it

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