Ponte di San Michele

San Michele Bridge

In the village of San Michele, near the town of Piazza al Serchio, a large stone bridge spans the ‘Acqua Bianca’ (White Water)

Piazza al Serchio
The Acqua Bianca is a tributary of the River Serchio streaming down from Gremolazzo lake. The bridge has a hump-back shape with a slightly flat arch. It was built by local stone masons in the 12th century.
Source: Lucca and its lands / www.luccapro.sns.it
Piazza al Serchio
Home of the festive Fiera di San Pietro
The city of Piazza al Serchio is located at the crossroads between the Garfagnana, the Emilia region and the Lunigiana. It is made up of various hamlets of great beauty almost all closed within the two original branches of the Serchio River: Soraggio and Minucciano. The origins of this center are lost in the pre-Roman period though we can find evidence of them during the Lombard period. ...