Abbazia di S. Caprasio di Aulla
Places of worship

San Caprasio Abbey

An ancient abbey that is witness to great religious and economic influence

Piazza Abbazia
The Abbey was founded in the year 884 and entrusted to the monks who had ties with the Malaspina Family. The period of greatest religious and economic influence was from the end of the twelfth and the beginning of the thirteenth century, when the abbey had plebeian functions for much of the surrounding territory. Around 1070 the original building was modified to assume its current appearance with three naves. It was refurbished in the fourteenth century and during the baroque period. Today it is a religious centre. If you want to know more about the San Caprasio Abbey, you can visit the San Caprasio Museum.


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A narrow strip of land between two rivers, once a fundamental hub along the Via Francigena
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