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Sambuca Pistoiese
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Sambuca Pistoiese Learning Centre

Learn about stone at this exciting ecomuseum centre

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Sambuca Pistoiese

The learning centre is made up of an indoor portion with tools, informational boards and educational materials, and an outdoor portion with stone working demonstrations and educational games.The centre is the start of the Via Francesca della Sambuca itinerary. It is the Pavana-Castello trail of the Sambuca-Casa Bettini-Pavana whose first part coincides with the stone trail of the Via Francesca della Sambuca that leads to the castle and defence system of medieval Sambuca with the ruins of imposing city walls and lookout towers. During the trail, there are many signs of art made of stone by masters from the 8th to the 12th centuries. The travelling master artists taught their art to the locals who continued the tradition.

Info: beniculturali.it

Sambuca Pistoiese
in the province of Pistoia, placed on the northern slopes of the Apennines
In the council you can admire the Sanctuary of St. Mary del Giglio, Villa Gargallo, the Sambuca Castle and the church of St. James. The reasons behind the foundation of a Tuscan village in such a geographical position must be traced back to the arrival of the Longobards who, between the VII and the VIII centuries, after having conquered Pistoia, decided to protect the boundaries with the ...