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La chiesa di San Domenico, Prato
Places of worship

Saint Dominic Church in Prato

Historic center boasts one of most important monuments in the city

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The building was constructed in 1200 along with the adjacent convent whose austere and simple architecture succeeds in surprising visitors thanks to its interesting ornaments. The medieval facade is only in part covered in albarese (the upper portion is done in simple terracotta). Two coats of arms belonging to Cardinal Niccolo’ Albertini are found above the two main doors. The large door on the side is the work of Giovanni Pisano.

In contrast to the medieval exterior, the interior is 17th century with one large central nave broken up by ten altars with niches. Some of the more important works include a Crucifixion on wood by Lorenzo di Niccolo’, a Miracle of San Vincenzo by Pier Dandini, an 18th century Madonna and Angels by Giuseppe Pinzani, an Annunciation by Matteo Rosselli and a wooden crucifix by Poppi.

The building is connected to the adjacent convent by a Renaissance atrium characterized by elegant Ionic columns between which are found funeral monuments and memorial stones from the 19th century. The east side of the cloister house the ancient sacristy, with a fresco from the 14th century. The Sala del Capitolo dates back to the 1400 and is adorned with frescoes featuring the Life of Saint Dominic.



In the heart of Tuscany, a city of art and prestige
If there is one city that can impress those looking for lesser-known destinations, it’s Prato. Considering how the city is presented in the press, visitors will be surprised to discover an elegant and well-preserved historic city centre, as impressive as the most famous Medieval cities dotting Tuscany. ...