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Romito and Quercianella, Livorno

A coastal road that has something for everyone... throughout the year

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The coast road continues up along the Romito, a cliff of pink stone of rare beauty from which, with stairs cut directly into the rock, it is possible to descend to coves that open onto a sea of particular transparence, renowned for its depths rich in Mediterranean flora and fauna, a preferred destination for diving activities. Onto this splendid scenery face what were once coastal fortifications, such as the Tower of Calafuria, the Castle Boccale and the Castle Romito. Continuing, immersed in the green of the Mediterranean scrub, you find Quercianella, a delicious little town that has always been a destination for Italian and foreign tourists.

Giovan Battista Paolieri, at the beginning of the last century created here a bathing establishment attended by illustrious people and as “amateur photographer” (as he called himself), he immortalised the beauty and the more striking corners of it that can still be admired today and not just on the old-fashioned postcards. The characteristics of the climate that is mild throughout the year and the quality of the sea make it a true climatic resort, even during the winter. The indented coastline with its coves, beaches and small harbours, offers different places to be discovered every day. The calm, the sun, the sea, with its various water sports, the greenery, with its striking trekking routes in the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, have all made it one of the most well-known and appreciated places in Italy. There is plenty of good cuisine based on fish supplied by the local fishermen, even more appreciated when tasted within the context of the wonderful terraces of the restaurants that face onto the sea.

A spotless sea with an ideal bottom for diving
South of Livorno, separated from the city by the Romito stretch of coast and a few kilometres north of Castiglioncello, you find Quercianella, a little town of delightful tranquillity. It sits among the greenery of pine trees and Mediterranean scrub, facing out onto the sea that laps against the cliffs. ...