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Il Duomo di Firenze

Romano nel Cenacolo di Santo Spirito Foundation in Florence

Discover the ancient “Last Supper” of the Augustans

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Piazza di Santo Spirito, 29
Next to the façade of the Santo Spirito church, one of the last works by Filippo Brunelleschi which remained unfinished until his death in 1446, visitors can admire the ancient representation of the “Last Supper” of the Augustans. It is located in a large truss-covered room that is one of the oldest parts of the adjacent monastery. The large fresco is located on the back wall of the refectory, and has been attributed to Andrea Orcagna. It depicts the crucifixion of Christ. Under this scene, there is a very deteriorated scene depicting the “Last Supper”. Since 1946, the building has housed several sculptures, which were donated that same year to the city of Florence by the Neapolitan antique collector Salvatore Romano. Among the most important pieces are an “Angel” by Tino di Camaino (1280-1337), a “Madonna” by Jacopo della Quercia (1371-1430), architectural fragments from the altar of Santa a Padova, attributed to Donatello, and Byzantine and pre-Roman fragments.

Fondazione Romano nel Cenacolo di Santo Spirito                                      
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