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Tabernacolo di Roccastrada
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Rocca di Torri

A small hillock near Roccastrada

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In the direction of Civitella Paganico, after the Roccastrada station, there is a small hillock on the left of the road. It is called the Rocca di Torri and corresponds to the southern-most trachite rock formation in the municipality. Very little is know about this fort, however documents that date back to the middle of the 12th century say that many properties around the castle were owned by the Giugnano Monastery. The land was controlled by the Gello family, who under the submission of Siena in the early 1200s, decided to build the fort. In 1281, when the fort was owned by the Incontri family, it was conquered by the Siena’s Guelfi, then sold to the municipality and later destroyed. The castle was abandoned in the 1200s, just like the castle in Fornoli. Today, it is impossible to see all the ruins, which are hidden by thick vegetation. There are also dogs on the look out to protect the property.

(Article by Comunità Montana Colline Metallifere)

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The picturesque Roccastrada was founded atop a unique mass of trachyte, offering a wide view of the Grosseto plain. A former fief under the Aldobrandeschi family until the early 1300s, the village passed into the hands of the Sienese and later the Medici. The territory around the town – partly covered by forests of oak and chestnut trees – is primarily home to vineyards and olive groves. ...