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Rocca del Brunelleschi e Palazzo Pretorio

Rocca del Brunelleschi and Palazzo Pretorio

These two monuments are part of the museum network of Vicopisano

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Palazzo Pretorio is one of the oldest specimens of public buildings in the province of Pisa and consists of accommodation for the vicars, audience rooms and a prison. Palazzo Pretorio was built between the 12th and 15th centuries. The old building can still be seen on the “piano nobile”, which holds permanent exhibitions and shows, and in the prison cells. The complex stands next to the "Rocca del Brunelleschi", designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in 1438 following the conquest of Vicopisano by Florentines. It’s a striking example of medieval and Renaissance military architecture. The Brunelleschi-style tower is equipped with a bridge house with storm drains and curtain walls. From the bridge house entrance is gained to a fortified wall, 70 metres long, which leads to a tower in the lower Vicopisano hills. The monuments can be seen with guides at no extra cost.

The site opened to the public in 1998 following the restoration of the Rocca, which was later followed by the full restoration of Palazzo Pretorio. The Rocca can be visited in full. Palazzo Pretorio is home to the permanent exhibition of archaeological finds from the excavation campaign carried out at the monastery of San Michele Arcangelo alla Verruca and offers rooms for contemporary art exhibitions and other events.

Where Brunelleschi left a piece of his legacy
Vicopisano is a beautiful medieval village lying on a hill at the eastern water basin of Monte Pisano, at the ancient confluence of important waterways: to the north Serezza, the eastern branch of the Serchio, to the east the Arno and the south the Rio, which ran down from Monte Pisano. ...