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River tour in Pontedera

The nature tour covers a typical flood plain environment

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The sanctuary includes a stretch of the River Arno between the SS 439 bridge (direction Bientina) and the floodway (Scolmatore) between the latter and the SS 67 bridge. The total area covers 5372 hectares. The sanctuary also includes the Parco dei Salici, a park on the left bank of the Arno which, with an area of over 8 hectares, is the largest urban green area in Pontedera. The Italian Society for the Protection of Birds (LIPU) has been commissioned by the City of Pontedera to set up a nature tour complete with illustrated panels, mangers and artificial nests. Forty-three bird species have already been sighted in the sanctuary; some of which are typical to wet environments. The sanctuary is of great naturalistic interest in all seasons, as a wintering and reproduction area and as an ‘ecological corridor’ for migrations in the ecological network of the region. The sanctuary is a contribution to the preservation of local biodiversity

Parco dei Salici

For information, call the City of Pontedera
Comune di Pontedera: Corso Matteotti, 37 - 56025 Pontedera (PI) - Tel. 0587 299111 - Fax 0587 53292

Source: www.pisaturismo.it

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A real open air museum with great permanent sculptures by contemporary artists
Pontedera is a harmonious little town near to the place where the Era river meets the Arno. Around the town remains of ancient settlements have been found that date back to the Neolithic period. Subsequently the territory was also inhabited in Etruscan times and in the Middle Ages the castle was built with brick walls and stone and the bridge over the Era river was strengthened. ...