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piana di Lucca

Risorgimento Museum

Relics from the Risorgimento period to World War I

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The exhibition dates back to 1925 when the National Association of Former Soldiers opened a war museum in the Fortilizio di San Donato, which was housed in the Villa Guinigi from 1929 to 1951. It was then closed until 1981 when it reopened in the Palazzo Ducale as the Risorgimento Museum. The museum is currently being moved to another location. It illustrates Italian history from 1821 to the World War I through relics, flags and weapons from the period. Especially interesting are the Carbonari flag from 1821, the national guard flag and the various Garibaldi and Mazzini relics.

Palazzo Ducale - Cortile degli Svizzeri 6
Tel: 0583 91636; 0583 955765 (National Association of Soldiers and Veterans)


A bastion-protected medieval city and a blast of comics, culture and colors
Many people born and bred in Tuscany consider Lucca an outlier—it’s not uncommon to hear Florentines mutter “that's not Tuscan”, probably when referring to the bread, which is salted in Lucca and strictly plain elsewhere in Tuscany; or to the Lucchese people's mode of speaking (unique, to say the least); or to the fact that Lucca is the region’s only city-state to have preserved its ...