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Risorgimento Museum, Lucca

Objects and immersive experiences to learn about the Risorgimento

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The Risorgimento Museum is located in Lucca’s Palazzo Ducale and discusses how Italy became a unified nation through items from that time.

The exhibition came into being through efforts by veterans from the Lucca province, who down the years gathered documents and items showing local activities during the Risorgimento. The museum narrates historical episodes with a focus on lesser-known figures and the local area. A sort of time capsule, the exhibition’s main room displays salient events divided by period. In this way, Italian history is retraced through the people and their accounts. Various etchings, painting and illustrations are showcased as well as the weapons used by those who fought to unify the country and the famous red jackets worn by local Garibaldi supporters.

The museum's multimedia room
The museum's multimedia room - Credit: Museo del Risorgimento di Lucca

Visitors are drawn to the multimedia room, where visual storytelling in video form displays accounts by those involved in the unification. The central characters, albeit invented, allow onlookers to experience all the expectations, hopes and values of the mid 1800s. It’s a way of making everyone’s story more accessible and usable.

A classroom completes the museum’s spaces, available for workshops.

Info: museodelrisorgimento.provincia.lucca.it

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