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Museo della Fondazione Primo Conti Onlus, Fiesole

Primo Conti Museum

Paintings and drawings by the Florentine artist

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The Primo Conti Foundation was established in 1987 and is located in the sixteenth century Villa La Coste in Fiesole. It gathers over 70 oil paintings and more than 150 designs by the Tuscan artist Primo Conti, from 1911 to 1985. These works emblematically reflect the painter’s artistic expression, which links the Tuscan tradition to the great European art movements of the last century. On the top floor of the villa there is a large archive collection that can be consulted by the public. The 100,000 documents that make up the museum archives belonged to important artistic figures from the twentieth century. The archives include manuscripts, first edition futurist, Dadaist and surrealist publications and autographed letters. The museum and archive collections represent a unique center in Italy that scientifically reconstructs the major art movements of the twentieth century.

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Info: fondazioneprimoconti.org

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