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Church of San Giorgio in Porciano

The Romanesque parish church in the municipality of Lamporecchio boasts a splendid view of the Valdinievole

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The Church of San Giorgiois located in Porciano, a small village in the municipality of Lamporecchio, and is a Romanesque parish church with a beautiful porch and a splendid view of the Valdinievole.

Built atop a chapel dating to the 13th century, the church is the result of many renovations over the centuries, especially in the 15th, 17th and 18th centuries. There are various important artworks conserved here: a marble holy water font dating either to the end of the 1400s or the beginning of the 1500s, an alabaster ciborium in the shape of a cubic temple, built in 1687 and sitting atop the high altar, and, on the altar to the right, a priceless painting by Gerino da Pistoia from 1520 depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints Anthony the Abbot and Nicholas of Bari.

On the altar to the left, there’s a work by an unknown artist dating to 1669 and depicting Christ on the Cross surrounded by Saints Francis, Sebastian, Blaise and Anthony of Padua, while behind the altar, in the choir, is a painting of Saints George and Domninus, dating to around the second half of the 1600s and attributed to an anonymous Tuscan artist.

Info: visitlamporecchio.it

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