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The Castle of Porciano, part of the Casentino Ecomuseum
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Porciano Castle

One of the oldest strongholds in the Casentino

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The medieval castle in Porciano is mentioned as early as the beginning of the 11th century: it belonged to the Guidi Counts until 1444, when it was passed into the hands of the Florentine Republic. In the 1700s, it was bought by the Goretti De Flamini family, and it was restored between 1963 and 1973.

Today, you can visit the Hall of Dante, the audience chamber, and the collections housed on the lower floors of the building, which includes domestic tools and farming instruments that were used in the surrounding countryside, a display about Native Americans, an exposition of artefacts found during restorations at the castle and photographs from the restorations. The upper floors aren’t open to the public because that’s where there the castle’s owners live.

Info: castellodiporciano

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