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Ponticello village

A magical village in the Filattiera municipality

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The medieval village of Ponticello dates to the fourteenth/fifteenth century and is situated about 3 kilometres from Filattiera.

The entire village lies behind the Oratory of Santi Rocco e Bernardo, founded in 1648. Its facade originally faced the village, but in 1819 the oratory was restored and expanded with the addition of the copper-covered dome, while the facade was built looking outwards.

Worth seeing in the village, with its pointed, round and barrels arches that connect the streets and buildings, is a tenth-/twelfth-century tower house, a typical fortified dwelling with three rooms on top of one another and an entrance on the first floor that opened onto a removable stepladder, while a few trapdoors led to other spaces that stored water and food.

Ponticello comes alive every year with the "I Mestieri nel Borgo" festival, which reconstructs all the oldest professions through exhibition spaces, in the village’s cellars and shops, for local craftspeople who work stone, wicker and wood.

A village in the upper LUNIGIANA, where every trace of this historic region can be found
The Filattiera that we know today is the result of the many layers of customs and traditions of the various communities that have lived in the Valle del Magra over thousands of years, allowing us to discover traces of the Ligures, Romans, Byzantines, Lombards, and, finally, the Malaspina family. ...