Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano

Poggio a Caiano

This modern town has ancient origins. The town’s symbol is the Villa Medicea built here by Lorenzo the Magnificent

Poggio a Caiano
Poggio a Caiano is an active and modern town situated on the banks of the river Ombrone. The town is known for the magnificent Villa Medicea ‘Ambra’. Construction of the villa began in1484 by Lorenzo the Magnificent who used the famous architect Giuliano da Sangallo. Work was completed in 1514, several years after Lorenzo’s death in 1492. The villa opens onto open countryside, has a square base, large windows and many porticoes around the ground floor. It is an excellent example of Renaissance architecture. The heart of the villa is on the ground floor where there is the Salone di Leone X, named after Pope Leon X who was Lorenzo the Magnificent’s son. This large room is decorated by an important cycle of frescoes painted by the masters of Tuscan Mannerism. Outside the villa, visitors can admire the beautiful gardens which were re-designed in the nineteenth century and which include a neo-classical ‘limonaia’. Today, Villa Ambra is a national museum and the villa’s stables have been renovated and are now used for various cultural initiatives.
Bonistallo. In the sixteenth century, a huge hunting estate called Barchetto or Barco Reale was built here for the Medici family. From San Francesco a Bonistallo Church which sits on the highest point, there is a stunning view not only of Poggio a Caiano but also of the entire Florentine plain and surrounding hills.
Source: APT Prato

Poggio a Caiano
Hillside between Florence, Pistoia and Prato famous for its Medici Villa
Poggio a Caiano is located at the intersection of Florence, Pistoia, Prato and Montalbano. The hill town gets its name from "poggio" meaning "knoll", and the family name "Caius" or "Caia" and offers a beautiful view over the plain of the Ombrone and Bisenzio rivers toward Prato to the north and Florence to the east, and over the lowlands leading to Pistoia and the Appenine mountains. ...