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Certaldo Alto - Palazzo Pretorio

Pier Francesco Fiorentino’s amazing frescoes

Discovering the works in Certaldo’s Palazzo Pretorio

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The splendid paintings in Certaldo’s Palazzo Pretorio have been attributed to Pier Francesco Fiorentino, who was commissioned in 1483 by Vicar Alberto di Antonio di Niccolò to create new paintings and restore older works that had been destroyed by Sienese troops in 1479. His oldest fresco featuring Saint John the Evangelist and Mary Magdalene is located in the Hearing Room. ‘The incredulousness of Saint Thomas’ and ‘The Penitent Saint Girolamo’ recall the theme of incredulousness developed by Verrocchio in the Church of Orsanmichele in Florence. Another of Pier Francesco Fiorentino’s frescoes depicts the Virgin Mary sitting on a throne, surrounded by Saints Girolamo and Francis, in addition to ‘The Alms of Saint Martin’. 

Without a doubt, the artist’s most renowned work is the ‘Madonna seated on a throne with the Christ-child'. Here, the Virgin Mary is wrapped in a brilliant red robe. Her gaze is sweet and reassuring, while she carries her child delicately in her arms. The Virgin’s throne is very simple, only the upper part is decorated. In the background, you can see a landscape characterized by blue tones and other light hues, which enhances the warm tonalities used to represent the figures. The scene is surrounded by a floral frame, as was typical during the Renaissance.
Boccaccio’s hometown is one of the prettiest towns in Tuscany
The hilltop medieval town of Certaldo has always been one of the favourite destinations of history lovers, who enjoy the stroll with a taste of the Middle Ages through the old town centre boasting unique features. Originally an Etruscan settlement, Certaldo owes its name to the former appearance of the hill on which it stands. ...