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Piazza del Sale

Piazza del Sale is also known as ‘piazza del Mercato’

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Piazza del Sale is also known as ‘piazza del Mercato’, as the town’s weekly market was held here from the end of the nineteenth century. Today the market has been moved outside the city walls.The name ‘piazza del Sale’ comes from the historical building on one side of the square, called Cassero del Sale. This building is a solid, rectangular shaped construction which is divided into a series of private apartments. However, midway through the fourteenth century when it was built, it was used as a warehouse for all the salt (‘sale’) which was collected along the Maremma coastline. The Porta Vecchia, the oldest port in the Grosseto region, runs along the southern and western edges of the square. It dates back to Medieval times, when the first ring of city walls were built. The port and surrounding walls represent one of the few remaining elements of the original walls.

Nearby is the Bastione Cavallerizza, a fort which was built by the Medici grand dukes during the second part of the sixteenth century. It has a polygonal shape and is distinguished by its garden which runs alongside the pedestrian area that leads to Bastione Molino a Vento. The piazza del Sale is also home to Palazzo Morgantini, also known as Palazzo Carmignani. This trapezoidal construction dates back to the start of the last century. The façade which looks over the square is the smallest side of the building and has pretty Liberty style decorations. The ground floor still has its original furnishings. This square is often used for important cultural events and concerts.
Strolling through the Maremma's main city
Grosseto is a beautiful city nearly on the edge of the Tuscan region. It is known as the political and cultural center of the Maremma – Tuscany’s wilder, coastal territory, often overlooked by tourists. It’s an ideal base for exploring the surrounding hilltops and sea sections, and has a family-friendly tranquility, as well as unexpected surprises. ...