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Permanent exhibition of Wild Fauna

Learn more about Tuscan fauna

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The permanent exhibition of Wild Fauna is housed in a wing of the Palazzo della Provincia. It was opened in 2007. The collection that makes up the exhibition contains 600 species of mammals and birds from the Tuscan region. Each animal is catalogued and described on explanatory panels with the objective of making information about the natural world accessible both to adults and children. As well as local fauna, there are also several examples of exotic birds which come from private collections (Vinicio Grandini). Guided tours of the exhibition are available by appointment for schools or other groups. Tours are given by expert staff. It’s also possible to visit the Sala dei Grandi which contains murals by Adolfo de Carolis. The exhibition is also fully disabled accessible.

Contact information
Palazzo della Provincia P.zza della Libertà accessibile from Via dell'Orto, 7 - 52100 Arezzo
Telephone 0575/392269 - 0575/392239 - urp 800296613
Fax 0575/392427
E-mail mpagnelli@provincia.arezzo.it

Opening hours
The exhibition is open the weekend of the first Sunday of every month from 9:30am-1pm and 3:30pm-7pm. It is only open by appointment only on other days.

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