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Wild Fauna Museum in Arezzo

To learn more about the animals active in the province of Arezzo and beyond

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Via della Madonna del Prato, 55, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italia

Arezzo's permanent Exhibition, or Wild Fauna Museum, is found in a wing of the Palazzo della Provincia and displays over 600 species of mammals and birds typical of the area. Each animal is catalogued and elucidated with descriptive panels, with the aim of making both adults and children aware of the Aretine region's zoological background, thus engendering curiosity and interest in nature.

Apart from the native fauna you can also see numerous examples of exotic birds, taken from the private collection of the taxidermist Vinicio Grandini, including some magnificent parrots of every colour.

Info: mostrafaunaselvatica.provincia.arezzo.it

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