Museo della Cultura Contadina di Orbetello

Peasant and Farming Culture Museum

Dedicated to the impact of farming on the Maremma region

The Peasant and Farming Culture Museum was opened in order to document the history of agricultural activity in the area around Orbetello and the changes which took place at the start of the twentieth century up until the ‘Fondaria’ Reform in the 1950s.

The museum is in Albinia, one of the most important farming areas in the whole Maremma region.

The museum shows visitors what farming life was really like from the start of the twentieth century until the period when the first agricultural consortiums were set up. The museum also documents the social changes which took place over this period. The items on display come from research into photos, old documents, maps and literary works which tell the story of the southern Maremma area, especially during the Reform.

The museum’s aim is to show how farming and peasant culture was indelibly altered over this period, with particular reference to the territory between Albinia, Magliano in Toscana, Manciano and Capalbio.

Entry fee: Free

Disabled access: Yes

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Orbetello rises on a thin strip of land located into the middle of the coastal lagoon. The small island where it stands is surrounded by the Levante and Pontente Lagoons, known respectively as Tombolo della Feniglia and Tombolo della Giannella. These offer the visitor many kilometers of charming beaches. ...