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Arezzo centro storico

Park of Via degli Accolti

A park which welcomes visually impaired visitors in Arezzo

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This park has been organized to welcome the visually impaired to enjoy and experience independently. This has been made possible thanks to the efforts of Arezzo’s town councillor responsible for the environment, the local Garden Club and the Italian Association for the Blind (UIC).

The park was set up in 2001 and has special facilities to aid the visually impaired. For example, walkways have markers which can be felt underfoot. The plants are easily recognizable from the smell or texture of leaves. They have been specifically chosen so visitors can orient themselves depending on their scent, such as rosemary, bay and sage which burst with perfume when touched in any season. A Braille sign at the entrance explains the layout of the park, its facilities as well as the scientific names of the plants. Metal handrails run alongside the walkways, guiding visitors around the park’s perimeter and lead to a seating area near the fountain.

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Address: Via V. Veneto, 33/14 - 52100 Arezzo
Telephone: 0575/903395
Fax: 0575/377701
Email: r.schiavone@comune.arezzo.it; m.padrini@comune.arezzo.it
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