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Pieve della Cappella a Seravezza
Places of worship

Parish of the Chapel at Seravezza

Romanesque parish of San Martino alla Cappella

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Source: Versilia Tourist Information Office

Situated in a zone of exceptional landscape interest it offers a unique view of the ancient marble quarries and the Mount Altissimo on one side, and the sea on the other. The church is built completely in marble. Built before the year 1000AD, it was retouched in the XII century: the bell tower is detached and stands in front of the façade and is from before the XI century. The façade was then embellished by a colonnade (finished in 1538), whose capitals seem to have been designed by Michelangelo, to whom tradition also attributes the rose window called “The Eye of Michelangelo”. Unfortunately the colonnade was destroyed during the Second World War. The interior has 3 rectangular naves and marble altars that date back to the XVII century.


Between Michelangelo’s beloved quarries and the gateway to the Apuan Alps
Follow the Versilia River to discover the two torrents that give it life; explore the region from the inside out, an area known for both for its sea and majestic mountains; discover hamlets embedded in lush forests and marked by the savory tastes of local cuisine… all this and more in beautiful Seravezza, a town nestled between age-old marble quarries and wooded mountains. ...