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Sant'Ilario, Campo nell'Elba
Places of worship

Parish Church of San Giovanni in Campo

One of Elba Island’s gems

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The Parish Church of San Giovanni in Campo is situated halfway up Mount Perone above the villages of San Piero and Sant’Ilario. This structure is the largest Romanesque religious building left on the Island of Elba. Thanks to its architectural features, it is possible to understand that the church dates back to the second half of the 12th century and its ground plan is similar to the island’s other churches.

It boasts a single rectangular nave with a semicircular apse at the end. The walls of the whole building are decorated with granite rows (the nearby mines from which the granite was taken are still in use). You’ll find that well-sculptured rusticated ashlars diminish in size toward the top of the church. The façade is interesting—it is framed between two angular pilasters and crowned by a bell-tower, boasting a dome, that’s almost completely intact.
Source: www.aptelba.it