Palazzo Maso a Lucca

Palazzo Maso in Lucca (and garage)

The rectangular based building consists of three floors and a cellar and is covered by a hip roof which has a layer of Marseillaise tiles

Via Alfredo Catalani, 103-139

The main facade on the ground floor which faces onto Via Catalani, has three large openings without any decorative motifs; on the west facing façade there are two windows and a small entrance door in the centre which are surmounted by a rounded architrave with a concrete decoration in the form of a shock absorber.
On the main façade on the first floor there is a French window with a terrace and there are two lateral windows which are inserted in a projecting circular shape. The wrought iron terrace railings are decorated with motifs which recall motor mechanics. The lateral windows display two decorative elements in the shape of a car leaf spring.
The same motifs decorate the openings on the west-facing façade.
On the second floor both the main façade and the west-facing one have windows which are framed with an architrave which has been decorated with a crankshaft. On the upper part the facades are highlighted by fascias which are made of plastered concrete and decorated with geometric motifs. Similar raised geometric shapes decorate the fascia under the eaves.
The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.
Source: Lucca and its lands /

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