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Palazzo dei Vescovi and Museum of the Cathedral of San Zeno

Displaying archaeological remains, ancient reliquaries and artworks

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Via Mura di S. Pierino, 32, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italia

The Palazzo dei Vescovi (Bishops' Palace) in Pistoia was built at the end of the 11th century as a home for bishops and was restored and extended in the centuries that followed.

The museum tour includes a collection of sacred furnishings and liturgical vestments assembled here over the centuries, an archaeological section where you can admire Etruscan funerary memorials from between the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, as well as 14th-century frescos from the San Niccolò chapel and modern art like the Pomona by Marino Marini and some paintings by Giovanni Boldrini.

The palazzo is home to the Museum of the Cathedral of San Zero, a collection of sacred art which includes extraordinarily important medieval and Renaissance jewellery like the spectacular reliquary of San Jacopo by Lorenzo Ghiberti (1407) and the reliquary of the Virgin by the Florentine master Rombolus Salvei (1379).

Info: comune.pistoia.it

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