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Palazzo dei Vescovi, Pistoia

Palazzo dei Vescovi and the San Zeno Cathedral Museum

Discovering the treasures of Pistoia

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Built at the end of the XI century as a residence for bishops, the Palazzo dei Vescovi was renovated and enlarged during the centuries that followed. In 1786, it was sold to private citizens and underwent various restoration projects, including one that took place from 1974 to 1980 which allowed the structure to recuperate the majority of its original features. A tour through the complex allows visitors to view a noteworthy collection of sacred furnishings and liturgical wall hangings from various centuries. The museum is host to an interesting exhibition called ‘The Tactile museum: a city to be touched’. Thanks to this exciting initiative, the blind and visually challenged can experience the sizes, shapes and character of the architectural works that characterize the city of Pistoia. In the city’s cathedral and the San Jacopo Chapel, visitors will appreciated several works of modern art belonging to the Cassa di Risparmio bank.
During Palazzo dei Vescovi’s archeological tour, you can see Etruscan funeral monuments from the VI and V century AC. In the same palace, you’ll also have the chance to view frescos from the XIV century located in the Chapel of San Niccolò as well as modern works such as ‘Pomona’ by sculptor Marino Marini. The Cathedral Museum’s collection boasts interesting goldsmith works from the medieval and Renaissance periods, such as the German-made ‘Cross of Sant’Atto’ (1280 c.), the ‘Chalice of Sant'Atto’, created by Andrea and Tallino di Ognibene (1286), the ‘Reliquary of San Zeno’ by Enrico Belandini (1369), the ‘Reliquary of the Virgin’, by the Florentine master  Rombolus Salvei (1379); Lorenzo Ghiberti’s ‘Reliquary of San Jacopo’ (1407) and the ‘Reliquary of Sant'Eulalia’ by Master Gualandi (1444).
Opening hours:
Guided visits, maximum 20 people. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10am to 11.30am ; 1pm, 3.30pm-5pm .

4.00 €; Reduced rates: 2.00 €; reduced rates for school groups: 1.00 €

Access for the disabled:


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