Palazzo Comunale Pienza

Palazzo Comunale

The Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) in Pienza is the ancient residence of the Priori and is in Piazza Pio, opposite the cathedral

Piazza Pio II

Palazzo Comunale in Pienza was probably designed by Bernardo Rossellino. It was renovated in 1900. Its distinctive features are its triple arched portico supported by Ionic stone columns and the travertine façade above the portico which has four double lancet windows and a terracotta clock tower with long windows and double ramparts. The inside part of the portico is covered with the stone carved coats of arms of the town’s various mayors over the centuries, as well as those belonging to Pope Pio II Piccolomini who came from the municipality of Pienza.
To the left of the building is an interesting fifteenth century house which faces onto Via Marconi.
Inside the Palazzo Comunale itself, in the Sala del Consiglio (the council chambers), is a fifteenth century Sienese school fresco depicting the Madonna with Child and the Patron Saints of Pienza: San Vito, San Modesto and San Matteo.

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a superb example of Renaissance architecture, built upon request by Enea Silvio Piccolomini, Pope Pio II from 1458
The year following his papal nomination, he hired the architect Bernardo Rossellino to transform his obscure village into a city. Piazza Pio II opens up in the centre of the little town and is the hub of Pienza’s urban structure. The little Renaissance square was studied to welcome the urban constructions being built at the time, and in fact all of the main monuments of the town face onto it. ...